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Show 065: Zombie Wedding Cake

Show 065: Zombie Wedding Cake


  • Charles Porter
  • Chris Chamberlain
  • Greg Hjertager
  • Bex Bradley

It’s already episode 65! Charles has zombies on his wedding cake! The crew are playing lots of games, mostly XBLA, mobile, DLC and backlog stuff because it’s Summer of Arcade, and there just aren’t too many boxed releases these days.

For those of you new to our podcast, be sure to hit up our About page to learn more about the hosts. And hit the Play button below to bask in the luxurious auditory flow of a group of insider’s perspectives on the games industry.

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And to provide context to the discussion of Charles & Monica’s Resident Evil 5 themed Zombie Wedding Cake, here’s a bunch of pictures of the cake in question:

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  • Serg75

    Great show guys!
    Charles- don’t let ANYONE rain on your parade. That is one AWESOME wedding cake! I am dead sure that would not have flown at my wedding, but you got it, so WELL DONE!!! :)
    We won’t mention MNC again, but hopefully we can play you guys at EXTRA LIFE… see you online when the sun comes up over Oz!!! ;)

  • Charles

    Just as an FYI, the first set of pictures are by Daniel MacLeod, who took most of our photographs. The second set of pictures are by my friend Irene Silva, who also created the zombie figures.

    The cake was by Creme del la Creme bakery in Renton, and was delicious! The last zombie agrees, as he grabs a handful of frosting…

  • Serg75

    LOL… love that last zombie, getting his piece of cake! May you and the missus have MANY good years together, and rack up a MASSIVE combined killcount!! :)

  • Charles

    Thanks Serg, that’s the plan! :-)

  • beowuff

    I’m thinking of joining in for Extra Life. Is there a Platform Biased team I should join?

    Also awesome cake! I sent a link to my wife and will let you know what she says :)

  • Chris

    @Beowuff: There is definitely a link. Go to and join our team. If that doesn’t work, go to the extra-life homepage and search for our team. You can then click the “join this team” link on our page. ; )

  • joristhewise

    Wow, that is one awesome cake. The cake is absolutely not a lie ;) :D .
    I took the weekend off for Extra Life to join you guys sometimes online. Though for me, it will mean it will start at the dreaded 5:00PM so lets hope I can stay awake long enough then :) .

    Thanks for answering my question Chris. Good thing that I kept my Transformers boxed and the rest well, they were not so legendary like those, they are now in a showcase (i don’t have yet that many of them so 1 was enough).

    Looking forward to the next podcast :D . And congrats for Bex with shipping and for Chris and Greg on going gold :D .

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